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We're not just here to provide a student loan. We want to be your financial partner for life. Arkansas Federal Credit Union has partnered with iGrad to offer you the best financial education tools and resources available so you can make an informed decision about your college financing options.


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Why Use iGrad?

iGrad can help you achieve a better financial life with tools designed to improve your personal financial knowledge and habits. Whether you're getting ready to borrow for the first time, pay off your student loans, or are researching your options, iGrad can help you stay on track. Import and track your loans, and even look for internships or new jobs to advance your career using iGrad's job and resume tools.


How Does it Work? 

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What to Expect?

Videos & Articles

More than 1,000 original videos, articles, and info graphics with new content added daily.
Interactive Modules

Custom curriculum with interactive video-based info on everything from students loans to managing your money.
Student Loan Help

Student loan balance reminders, step-by-step FAFSA help, scholarship assistance, repayment calculators and more.
Career Development

Personalized entry-level, internship, and job search engine with resume analyzer and cover letter assistance.




Want Even More?

Live Webinars

Live HD tutorials on hot button student loan and money topics.
Townhall Forum

Expert-moderated community forum where students receive answers to questions from experts and peers.
Games, Calculators and Simulators

Take your favorite NFL team down field with Financial Football and explore many of the other great resources.
Personalized Profile

Personalize your experience with dynamic content, recommendations, courses, and badge awards.



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